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    Disable Resize Window :: MFC


    I have been wondering about the possibility of *disabling* resize feature in a window. For example, when a window is in restore setting, the user can change the size of the window via dragging one of its four size or four corners. I there a way to disable that feature completely? I am basically describing a dialog window without having to derive the class from CDialog.

    In the program I am working on, I have disabled the maximize feature. The window stays restored throughout. However, the user can resize it. I would like to disable that feature too. The bottom line is the window looks better if it remains in its original settings (size).


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    (I'm using VC++ 4.0, SE)

    Just go into the properties of the window and then select the Styles tab and change the border from resizing to something else?

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    kilowatt posted a quick and easy way, which you mentioned at the end. He said to "remove the WS_THICKFRAME style, and
    replace it with the WS_BORDER style." The technique works perfectly.


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