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    Split the returned strings

    Hi guys,

    Can you please help me with my code as I have a trouble with the returned strings that I have extracted from my php source to add the strings in my listview.

    I'm reading the tags of mystrings1 and mystrings2 for each paragraph from the php source. I got the returned strings which it looks like this:

    PHP Code:
    <p id='mystrings1'>my strings</p> | <a href="http://xfvasfasfasfasf">Link</a> </td> | <a href="delete.php?id=0">Delete</a> </td> | <span id="mystrings2">Enabled</td
    I want the returned strings to be like this when I reads the tags of mystrings1 and mystrings2 while ignore the other tags.

    PHP Code:
    <p id='mystrings1'>my strings</p> | <span id="mystrings2">Enabled</td

    Here's the code:

    System::Void timer1_Tick(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e)
        timer1->Enabled = false;
            String ^URL1 = "";
            HttpWebRequest ^request1 = safe_cast<HttpWebRequest^>(WebRequest::Create(URL1));
            HttpWebResponse ^response1 = safe_cast<HttpWebResponse^>(request1->GetResponse());
            StreamReader ^reader1 = gcnew StreamReader(response1->GetResponseStream());
            String ^str1 = reader1->ReadToEnd();
            String ^pattern1 = "(<p id='mystrings1'>(.*?)</p>(.*?)<span id=\\"test / ">(.*?)</td>)";
            MatchCollection ^matches1 = Regex::Matches(str1, pattern1);
            for each (Match ^x1 in matches1)
                array<String^> ^StrArr1 = x1->Value->ToString()->Split();
                ListViewItem ^item1 = gcnew ListViewItem("", 1);
     id='mystrings2'>", "")->Replace("</p>", ""));
                listView1::Items->AddRange(gcnew array<ListViewItem^> {item1});
                listView1->CheckBoxes = true;
                if (x1->Value->Contains("Enabled"))
                    item1->Checked = true;
        catch (Exception ^ex)

    Do you know how I can ignore the other tags when I get the returned strings of mystrings1 and mystrings2??

    Any advice would be much appriecated.


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