Thread: Auto Dial Up or Network connection creation

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    Auto Dial Up or Network connection creation

    Hi all,

    I have developed a device driver which will create a virtual com port whenever my embedded device is connected to the USB port of the laptop.

    Now i need to create an Auto Dial-Up or new network connection with the virtual com port created

    whenever the device gets plugged into the laptop.

    1.So i have to trigger an event upon USB connection detection

    2. The triggered event should create an auto dial up connection with the vitual port


    Steps to create a New Auto Dial Up connection:

    1) Click on the Windows “Start” button.
    2) Click on “Control Panel”.
    3) Click on “Network connections”.
    4) Click on “Create a new connection”.
    5) Select the option “Set up an advanced connection”.
    6) Select the option “Connect directly to another computer”.
    7) Select the “Guest” option. Give a name to the USB network connection (e.g. “Connection Name”).
    8) **Select the last COM port created on the PC corresponding to “Communications Port (COM X)”**.
    9) Select the option “All users”.
    10) Click on “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop”, then “ok”.

    Please provide your suggestions!!!

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    Did you try google? I found about 50 sites that looked vaguely useful when I searched for "programmatically create dial up connection". Admittedly some were old or less relevant, but there's plenty of material out there on this.

    I do find it a bit suspicious that you can create a virtual com port for an embedded USB device but can't work out how to create a new dial-up connection.

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    Hi Ledow,

    Thanks for your reference... I almost spent a day in googling before posting here.... Even if you have a look, you will understand all the google search links are based on .net which is completely out of area for me.... I am planning to do it in C language.. Still, can help me in providing a proper reference to move further....

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