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    PCI programming

    Hi all,

    i have recently purchased a card with PCI interface. if some data is received externally the card will generate interrupts which are configured to PCI INTB# and PCI CLK1. This is the first time i am working on PCI bus. Could somebody guide me how do i write the program to initialize and capture the interrupts from PCI. Also on the card there are several registers with address locations how do i access those registers.

    thanks in advance,

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    >> i have recently purchased a card with PCI interface.
    So that card does not come with drivers?

    If not, you have a lot to learn before writing any code....


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    Yeah the card comes with drivers, with a header file for function prototypes and with one dll file and a lib file. The header file contains the function prototypes and the implementation i suppose is done in either .lib or .dll fiies. I just wanted to understand how that programing is done and if possible i can add additional functions. But, now after going through your advice i will not attempt to do that and only work with the existing functions.

    thanks and regards,

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