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    I am trying to get my program to load its startup information from the Windows registry. I can load integers correctly by using the following code:

    RegEnumValue(hKey, Index, Buffer, &BufSize, NULL, &Type, &Data, &Size);

    When I try to get the value of a string like this:

    RegEnumValue(hKey, 5, Buffer, &BufSize, NULL, &Type, &Data, &Size);
    strcpy(Option.FontName, Data);

    I get an error message.

    How can I load a string from the registry?
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    const char *keyName = "myStringValueName";
    char *buffer = new char[256];
    DWORD bufferSize = 256;
    RegQueryValueEx(globalKey, keyName, NULL, NULL, (LPBYTE)buffer, &bufferSize);
    And of course,
    delete [] buffer;
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    Thanks for your help.

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