I am working on a program using the doc/view architecture. There is basically the program. There is a modeless dialog box where the user enters some information. When the user clicks "Apply" the dialog box sends a message to CMainFrame. From there, CMainFrame sends a message to CChildView. CChildView then draws the information as text inside its area.

I do not know how to send CChildView a message within CMainFrame. I am using the same technique Promises uses in Chapter 8 dialog 2 program (example of modeless). The only difference is he did not implement the program using doc/view. I am. In doc/view I do not know how to send a message from CMainFrame to CChildView because there is not CChildView object defined in CMainFrame:

CMyChildView cView;
cView.PostMessage(WM_MY_MESSAGE, 0, 0)

The code above does not work in doc/view.

I am using the same technique that Promises did. I am not sure if that is the prefer technique in the doc/view architecture. Please mention I should send the message directly from the dialog box to CChildView and how.