Thread: LoadLibrary returns error code 998 - Access violation

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    LoadLibrary returns error code 998 - Access violation

    A call to LoadLibrary() in my game project is now suddenly causing an Access Violation to occur. This is very strange b/c no code in the DLL is being ran since the DLL has not loaded correctly. Also I am not using a DLLMain so I am not sure what is going on.

    I enabled first chance exceptions for C000005: Access Violation and the stack trace lands me knee deep in assembly code.

    Any ideas what is causing this? Note that the DLL has worked before. I verified the DLL exists and that it is compiled using the same type of runtime as all others in the project.

    N/m I found it. It finally broke where it was dying. I was performing a less than safe strcat on a global path variable in the main game DLL. It broke inside of the strcat assembly code.
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    For the sake of clarity, you are saying that `LoadLibrary' ultimately failed because the parameter passed to it was invalid due to an earlier misuse?


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