Thread: my first windows console program

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    my first windows console program

    this is the first program i have written using windows console commands (can i get a better technical term?). Displays happy birthday and a persons name, then starts to display it randomly. It is written for a female, but that is easily changed. I could probably make it customizable if i added another 10 or so lines of code

    feel free to take a look and modify it however you like. Please make any suggestions you want, but remember it is my first program using windows console stuff (that sounds stupid!!! i need to know what it's called). I need to know what things i'm doing wrong before i can learn to do them right.

    pressing space will pause (press anykey to continue)
    pressing enter will clear the screen (and continue if paused)
    pressing escape quits (even if paused)

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    eh i just noticed i forgot 1 thing

    if(count == 100)
    count = 0; //forgot to reset the count

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    When you dynamically allocated your memory...

    CHAR_INFO *hbout = new CHAR_INFO[hblen+2];
    CHAR_INFO *nameout = new CHAR_INFO[namelen+2];

    You forgot to delete the memory. To remedy this simply add the following two lines of code when your arrays are no longer needed by anything.

    delete [] hbout;
    delete [] nameout;

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    Most pll call it a "console mode app" but call it whatever you like, i would tell you some of my personal favourites but the Mods would just edit it!
    VC++ 6

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