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    Question Setting ListBox text

    What is the line of code to add strings to a ListBox? I don't need the list box, I already have it. I just need the way to add a string.

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    Send LB_ADDSTRING to the ListBox

    From MSDN;

    wParam = 0; // not used; must be zero
    lParam = (LPARAM) (LPCTSTR) lpsz; // address of string to add
    If its on a dialog window you can send it to the ListBox with..

    LONG SendDlgItemMessage(
    HWND hDlg, // handle of dialog box
    int nIDDlgItem, // identifier of control
    UINT Msg, // message to send
    WPARAM wParam, // first message parameter
    LPARAM lParam // second message parameter
    For example

    SendDlgItemMessage(hdwnd,IDC_LIST1,LB_ADDSTRING,0, buffer);

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    Question Doesn't work..

    I tried:

    LB_ADDSTRING wParam = 0;
    lParam = (LPARAM)(LPCTSTR) "Hi";

    But I get:

    74 wnd_mng.cpp
    parse error before `='

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    Do you have LBS_HASSTRINGS on the listbox?

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    You don't have to treat the SendDlgItemMessage parameters like variables. You need to do something like -


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    If you are using VC6 and working with a dialog, this is what i do:

    Create a member variable for the list box.
    I usualy use something like m_listbox.
    Then use this code to add items
    m_listbox.InsertString(1,"Item 1");
    Where 1 is the place of insert //Note in C++ everything starts on 0 (zero)
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