Thread: good habits - TCHAR, unicode, etc.

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    OK. So far, so good.

    No more char in my program. Found int Wmain for passing command line args as TCHAR. Works already. No converting. All will be in TCHAR from now on. No more printf, etc.

    And a _tfopen (which only has 2 args vs. _ftopen 3??). And using the _fgetts.

    Can someone NAME (nomenclature) what things like stat, fstat, _tstat, _fgetts are called. "Standard C functions"? Do they have anything to do with Microsoft or Windows, per se? IOW, when I search on this stuff, I don't know what to call them to get an accurate google search.

    Thanks for offering the sound and sage advice. I'm wary being a dinosaur (50) and having programmed for 35 years that it's already harder to learn new tricks and I realize how the early learning can be ingrained quite heavily. So, here I am.

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    They are Microsoft extensions. That is why they are prefixed witb an underscore.

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