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    Desktop Window

    I am using Visual C++ 6.0 and I want to know how to get a picture of the desktop of my computer as a bitmap or whatever image format I can get it in.

    I know that there's this functon called GetDesktopWindow() but it how can I use it to get a visual image of the Desktop ?

    Can anyone please help ?

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    GetDesktopWindow() returns the HWND (handle to the window)

    Will not get the wallpaper/desktop.

    I don't know of a function that will. I would be looking for a screen capture function.

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    This is what i do know:
    1) The button called [Print Scrn] (next to [Scroll Lock]) allows you to capture the screen.
    2) You can open paint and paste the captured picture and view/save/whatever.
    3) Find a way to automate this process.

    That is how i would get started on this project.
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    186 gives an example of capturing the desktop window and writing it to a bitmap using BitBlt().
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