Thread: Good programming with windows books?

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    Good programming with windows books?

    I need to learn how to code windows, what books would you guys recommend? I heard Charles Petzold's "Programming Windows" is good.

    At what level of experience would one need for this book? Currently, I'd say I'm intermediate. I'm most experienced with C++.


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    Petzold is an excellent book for learning windows programming.The code in it is all straight c but that should be no problem for someone reasonable in c++. Try to learn the api first. The latest edition of petzold is a little weak in some areas but you will find that stuff is covered in the 4th edition.For some reason 2 chapters were dropped. Others here recommend a book by herbert schildt on windows programming but I have not read that. There is a book by david kruglinsky(close but might not be exact) about visual c++ that is quite good. Also after learning the api if you want to progress to MFC (microsofts c++ api wrapper classes) then the best book I have read on that is programming windows with mfc by jeff prosise.
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    Good Book

    I find that Sam's C++Builder 5 Developers guide is very useful

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