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    windows vs. linux

    Why do people prefer windows to linux, just wondering. I dont wanna start an argument, so if you dont like windows please dont comment in this thread, I wanna know why people who use windows prfe it over *nix.

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    Where I am....nobody uses linux......In work we use windows...and everyone I know uses Windows........I sometimes have to explain to people what Linux is.....

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    let me restate, why do people use windows over other operating system.

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    I use windows because that is what I started on so it feals familiar and most of my software doesn't run on Linux without a hassle. And Windows works well. Haven't seen a crash for a long time now.Linus doesn't feal intuitiv to me(sp) and I don't really care for tweaking my OS or software..I want it to work out of the box. I know later versions of linux is better then it used to be

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    I agree with Barjor and Fordy.

    The average user in my network has no idea what *nix is. As network admin I got a copy of RedHat just for me to play with on a seperate system and "give it a test run", but the average user in the market place just barely gets by with Windows. Most of my end users (approx. 300 people/end user pc's) know how to surf the 'net, use one or two MS Office apps and send an email. That's about all they are comfortable with and most don't want to learn any more. In other words, moving out of the windows "comfort zone" to a *nix OS is out of the question for them. Not that they couldn't adjust, they just don't/wouldn't want to.

    That coupled with the fact that I haven't seen a BSOD in about 2 months and we almost never have trouble with the OS's we use (Win 98SE, Win 2K Pro, Winnt 4.0 SP6), we don't really have a reason to switch.

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    No point in writting for an OS my customers don't use (for the reasons stated by the other replies).
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    The reasons above are generally good, but novacain hit the nail on the head. The paying customers want Windows solutions. If you tender a non Windows solution, you will not win the contract.
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    hence windows wins and the cycle continues!!

    ::edit:: but i cannot argue with economics, nor do i try! buisness wins, anyone who expects a buisness already developing for windows to suddenly turn all the way around and start from scratch for arguable ideals with potentially small profits IS INSANE!


    develope for both!(i know i know).

    ::edit 2::

    to ask even this hints at insanity!
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