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    Cool Browser for Windows

    Let's face it---we all want competition for Netscape, Mozilla, NetZero, etc. So let's all work together and create a new web browser! We can post download links on all our websites! WE DON'T EVEN HAVE TO NAME IT! So let's all do it! I would prefer someone having experience in the browser field to start us off. Let's get to it!'s browser 1.0!

    AOL Time Warner
    (AOL Time Warner owns Netscape)

    Netscape official site


    United Online, Inc.
    (UO owns NetZero and Juno)

    NetZero official site

    Juno official site

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    Its been said and not done before man, like 'lets make a game'. Most people just dont have the knowledge and yer so it may be a cool idea if you got togeather an elite group of coders who completly understood winsock and everything but most of the time it just wont work.
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