Thread: C++ objects behave upon assignment

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    C++ objects behave upon assignment

    I am trying to understand how C++ object behave in the following case.

    I declare a handle using windows HDC as follows: HDC myHDC.

    version 1:
    My function is delcared as follows:
    BMManager::BMManager(HDC _hdc) {
    version 2:
    BMManager::BMManager(HDC &_hdc) {
    In both version, the declaration for myHDC remains the same. The compiler did not complain on any error.
    Question1: Why would myHDC by treated differently between version 1 and version 2? After all, upon assignment the object declared remains the same.

    I would assume that version 1 says that is copy assignment, so all values in HDC is copyied. Perhaps handles are not object?????
    In version 2, myHDC points to an address of _hdc????

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    A HDC is of type 'void pointer' [void* ] and not an object (as are all HANDLE variables).
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