Thread: Running in back until summoned.

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    Running in back until summoned.

    This has got to be a stupid question, but here's what I'm doing. A parent process gives control to a child process and minimises itself. As the child process runs (which is not limited to programs I have any control over) I want the parent process to look out for, say, the F12 key. Gotta be easy but I'm a tad lost.. help please.

    Just to clarify, the part I'm stuck on is the minimized application being able to intercept F12 and react even though the focus is on some other program.

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    use the board search for "key logger" or "keyboard hook"

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    Also, if you want to maximise - send your window a WM_SYSCOMMAND message and set wParam to SC_MINIMIZE

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    Thanks for the direction.

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