Thread: VirtualProtectEx fails

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    Current stand: I can, thanks to your guidance change the access and set a memory breakpoint, using the LOAD_DLL_DEBUG_EVENT exception to get a valid address space. However, I can't seem to get the name of the loaded DLL. Is it possible to cast the unicode value lpImageName in LOAD_DLL_DEBUG_INFO to a string somehow?

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    Is the problem that you're getting NULL, or that you're getting Unicode?

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    Unicode, though I think I found a way to get the name through the handle on msdn (link).

    I assume that approach could be used by passing the dll-handle, can't blame them for making it easy on their developers though...

    I'm feeling okey about the debugging library at the moment and feel I should create a disassembler to make it easier for a potential user to put breakpoints. The first step, before disassembling, should be reading the entire file in hex-values, right?

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