Thread: Is CreateCompatibleDC device independent? Why would it act differently for drives

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    Is CreateCompatibleDC device independent? Why would it act differently for drives


    I am creating a memory device context and a bitmap using the following code:

    CBitmap bitmap;
    CBitmap* pOldBitmap;
    CDC dcMemory;
    bitmap.CreateCompatibleBitmap(Givendc, nWidth, nHeight);
    pOldBitmap = dcMemory.SelectObject(&bitmap);

    Everything works great. I create the bitmap, draw my object on it and print it. However, the fonts look differnt in adobe pdf versus the edoc printer. How do I make sure the fonts stay the same? How do I create a compatible DC that is driver independent? I thought CreateCompatibleDC was suppose to do that. Can someone help?

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    DCs are device independent but bitmaps are not.

    Look at DIBs (Device Independent Bitmaps)

    However you issue is probably more to do with scale/resolution.
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