Thread: I never noticed this before.

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    Originally posted by shtarker
    I think he is refering to Sorensen kindly pointing out the invalidity of his argument: "A logical statement (such as 'if','while','for', ect.), I beleive, will take anything '<=0' as a false... "
    Well Sorenesen is correct.........and he isnt the first person to complain about haX0r talk on this board....

    Anyway......if he doesnt agree....try

    if(-1)cout << "Hello World";
    If anything under 0 is a false then "Hello World" will not appear on screen.........which is not the case....

    false == 0

    true != false

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    Oh ok i think my professor went over that a few years ago lol but i dont remember. But that is a good thing to know.
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    Re: Lolz...

    Originally posted by minime6696
    I should not even post very much for my pure RAGE will get me kicked off of this board...
    Is that Dean? Dean-o! How's the 4x4 doing, Buddy?

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    That most certainly is NOT Dean

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