Thread: Displaying a seperate bitmap for each menu button

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    Question Displaying a seperate bitmap for each menu button

    Ok, I have a menu and when the menu button is pressed I want a bitmap to appear for each bitmap. here is what i have s far:
    PHP Code:
    switch(LOWORD(wparam)) // The LOWORD(wparam) will equal the "identifier" of
    {                       // of whatever was selected -- These are #defined in 
                                       // resource.h
                                       // **Note:  If using VC++6.0 these are given to you when you "make a resource script"
                                       // So I didn't come up with these names (I could change 'em) but I'm using the defaults

    case ID_QUIT// If they select "Quit" -- quit the program
    // The user selected "Mars Alpha" under the "Maps" menu
    # Here is where i want the bitmap to be displayed

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    Roughly you need

    Check to see if the button has been pressed
    Load the bmp with LoadImage() or similar
    GetDC() on the button
    GetClientRect() on button
    Select BPM into HDC
    Colour with fillrect() to avoid edges being diff colour.
    BitBlt() or StretchBlt() BMP to HDC

    Then all you need is to be able to repaint in response to WM_PAINT msg's

    Try a search for more detailed responses.
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