Thread: build external log file on dll project

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    build external log file on dll project

    Hi there,
    I want to figure out what happen in this program

    I can build it using visual studio 2005 express on Vista Home Basic and have copied in System32 but I can seen anything happen. Could you tell me what should happen in this code when we log off our windows?

    So, I am trying debugging by using an external log file that created when we start our windows. Unfortunately I have no idea what suppose to do in dll project. In console project we can use streamwriter class, but it would not in this project.
    So I need help how we can create an procedure in dll project with an string input that can be observe in an external log file by appending in new line.

    I am very appreciated for your answer.

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    Nice Virus attempt... distributing an EXE file like this is a major No-No.

    MODS... This thread should be closed and link deleted ASAP.

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    Well, to be fair the .exe is from, and it's linked to from here: Custom Login Experiences: Credential Providers in Windows Vista
    It's seems to be more of a "hey guys I found this code and I have no idea what it does. Explain please" attempt to me
    But I agree that linking directly to .exe files is bad and should raise suspicions. What he could have done instead was link to the "code repository" here: Code for CredentialProviders (January 2007)
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