Thread: Access Windows directory with OPENFILENAME in Windows mobile

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    Access Windows directory with OPENFILENAME in Windows mobile

    Hi ALL,

    I need to access Windows and other folders in my Application for Windows Mobile 6.53 through OPENFILENAME. I am able to access \My Documents folder alone.
    But not any other folders under \Windows.

    My Code:
    	ZeroMemory(&ofn, sizeof(OPENFILENAME));
    	ofn.lStructSize		= sizeof(OPENFILENAME);
    	ofn.hwndOwner		= hwnd;
    	ofn.lpstrFilter		= _T("Application Files (*.exe)\0*.exe\0LNK Files (*.lnk)\0*.lnk\0All Files (*.*)\0*.*\0");
    	ofn.lpstrFile		= filename;
    	ofn.nMaxFile		= MAX_PATH;
    	ofn.nFilterIndex	= 1;
    	ofn.lpstrTitle		= (LPCWSTR)IDS_BROWSEFILE;
    	ofn.lpstrFileTitle	= NULL ;
    	ofn.nMaxFileTitle	= 0 ;
    	ofn.lpstrInitialDir	= _T("\\My Documents\\My Pictures") ;
    	return GetOpenFileName(&ofn)
    Pls help.
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    1. Use tags when posting code.

    2. return GetOpenFileName(&ofn)
    Read the manual page, and find out what CommDlgExtendedError is also set to; don't just assume success.

    For one thing, you no longer have blanket permissions to roam all over the file system. \windows is protected, so my guess is you're getting permission denied.
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    If not a permission issue...

    IIRC the FILTER string has to be double terminated.

    Because each type of file is delimited by a terminator ('\0') and the whole string has to be terminated (so you need '\0\0' at the end of the filter list).
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