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    Advanced Problem(Classes)

    What if I were to have a class for controls. Say I have this in my class, to get and EDIT's text:

    int GetEditText(HWND hEdit, char szBuffer[100000], int maxlen) { GetWindowText(hEdit, szBuffer, maxlen); }

    and in my program, use it like this:

    CWin *edit1 = new CEdit;


    How would I, in teh class, use GetWindowText(...) with the pointer that calls it, so I can "edit1's" text?


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    Hmmm, first if you have a class to wrap up controls wouldnt it be a good idea for each object of that class to keep track of its hwnd? So why would you need to pass the HWND to GetEditText? Next if you derive a class Edit or whatever from the Control class then id assume you would have that class have a buffer in it, which would then get rid of the need for passing anything to the function call. Also you have me a little confused, are you using this to get the text on the control? or set it? If its to set it then you need to pass in the char*.
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