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    FindFirstFile trouble

    Hi. I'm trying to access the file names of all the files in a folder. I am trying to use FindFirstFile to do this. However, I'm having some issues.

    void TestFunction()
    	string directoryPath = "C:\\TestFolder\\";
    	WIN32_FIND_DATA FindFileData;
    	hFind = FindFirstFile(directoryPath.c_str(), &FindFileData);	
    	//cout << FindFileData.cFileName << endl;
    	if(hFind != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
    		cout << FindFileData.cFileName << endl;
    		cout << "Test" << endl;
    		cout << "Fail" << endl;
    Currently, "Fail" will print. If I try to output the file name before the if statement, it prints jibberish. I've looked over a bunch of examples, but I can't seem to figure out what the problem is.
    In this current example, I had to change my project settings to "Use Multi-Byte Character Set" instead of "Use Unicode character set". If I leave it as "Use Unicode character set", I change the following in my code:

    hFind = FindFirstFile(LPCWSTR(directoryPath.c_str()), &FindFileData);
    This will also print "Fail". If I output the file name before the if statement, it outputs: 0012FC18

    Any ideas?
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    >>hFind = FindFirstFile(LPCWSTR(directoryPath.c_str()), &FindFileData);
    This is wrong on so many levels. Don't do it. Setting project settings to multi-byte is correct.

    As for the problem... try appended "*.*" to your string.
    If it doesn't work, remember to get the error code by calling GetLastError to see what went wrong.
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    That fixed it. I guess I still had it set to the Unicode setting when I added the astrisk the first time.

    Thanks for your help.
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    If you want all files in the folder, you need to do something like this...

    void EnumFiles(TCHAR *Path)
      { WIN32_FIND_DATA  da;   // directory data
         HANDLE  ds;     // directory handle
         ds = FindFirstFile(_TEXT("*.*"),&da);
           { // do what you need with the da record here
            } while( FindNextFile(ds,&da) != ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS);
         FindClose(ds);  }
    There's an internal index that is reset to 0 each time you call FindFirstFile() and it's incremented each time you call FindNextFile() so unless you do it in a loop, you'll only get the first filename ( a dot ) each time.
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