Thread: Need help creating window class

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    Need help creating window class

    I want to create a class like this:

    class MyWindow
           void CreateWindow(...);
           void WndProc(...);
           bool MainLoop();
    The class will be used as shown below:

    int main()
        MyWindow *win = new MyWindow;
    Unfortunately, C++ won't let me define as message callback the WndProc() function of each class.

    So, what to do next?

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    you cannot define a callback in a 'MyWindow' class and use it with a windows system because the callback is a function of type 'MyWindow::WndProc' and windows has no way of knowing what the 'MyWindow' class is. non-static member functions use a calling convention that implicitly passes the objects pointer to the function. This allows you to use the 'this' pointer. a work around is to have one window procedure that can dispatch the messages to the appropriate class window procedure.

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