I am new in working / coding with NUMA and have a few little questions about that. Please donít be angry about me if some questions might be silly to you. ^^

So, when I work with Processes (might be SAP etc.) on a 128 / 160 Logical Unit Ė EX machine I work with Affinity Mask to optimize the result. Is there any easy way to see the directly physical addresses on RAM a process needs? Is there generally a way to do this? Can I see whatís behind the Memory Management Unit? To optimize the speed of programs parts shouldnít allocate RAM which is not on the same node (about 3 Ė 9 times less fast), but I am not always sure about that and havenít find a way yet to control this.

I am working with Windows NT 6.1 (2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise)