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    GAURAV VIRUS - Info Wanted


    I recently received an email requesting advice on the file 'GAURAV.DOC.pif'. Obviously, I suspected it to be a virus, but curiousity got the better of me (and my own stupidity). I saved the file and attempted to view the contents with WordPad (I was looking for textual clues). However, I think something went wrong & the file was executed, although I don't understand how.

    Here's what I think it may have done, but I'm not 100% sure. It placed an executable in the Recycled bin called 'SirC32.exe', and modified the 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT' area of the registry to point exe files at SirC32. I noticed that Windows Explorer was behaving unpredictably - launching it would invoke multiple instances. I've since corrected the registry & removed all copies suspicious files, and Windows seems normal.

    Does anyone know anything about this [potential] virus? Can someone confirm that 'SirC32.exe' is NOT a legitimate Windows file & that my corrective actions were correct? What are the symptoms of GAURAV? Does it corrupt data/files? What lasting effects may I suffer from?

    Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    the virus is also known as SirCam, it is a worm and takes on a random name and extension to fool recipients. The virus screws up various system settings including the recycle bin and the system registry. More information on the virus, detecting and removing it can be found at
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    Found more info about SirCam on:

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