Thread: How To Convert A Dos-Prompt C++ PRogram Into Win32 Application ?

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    Question How To Convert A Dos-Prompt C++ PRogram Into Win32 Application ?

    Good day !

    I have write a C++ program which implement class to run some funcitons in DOS and runs well.

    But, how can I transfer the class if I wish to convert it into a Win32 application because I wish to implement GUI.

    I tried to copy the whole class codes and paste it into the Win32 application source code but failed.

    I understand that I cant used some conventional funcitons such as printf and the class just contains function that return integer values only.

    Do I have to convert the class file into a header file and import it from the Win32 applicaiton source code and implement the functions there ?

    Thanks a lot !

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    If you don't use the console functions (printf, scanf, gets, getch, etc.) your class will port as is. Otherwise, you'll need to reimplement your I/O using Win32 GUI functions.
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