Thread: Structures and header files problem

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    Structures and header files problem

    Hi i don't have a clue where to start with this problem can someone give me a few pointers?

    Description of Problem
    Write a program that manipulates banking information.
    Write a separate function to do each of the following:
    Populate a set of bank accounts from a predefined data arrays
    Print out a set of bank accounts
    Find and print the account with the highest balance
    Add 100 euro to each account balance
    Each of the functions will be passed the array of account structures, so there will be
    NO global data
    Use a separate headers file (e.g. bank.h) to hold the bank function prototypes and
    the struct definition
    Use a separate .cpp file to hold the bank account functions listed above
    Call all of the functions from your main() function

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