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    dialogs vs windows

    i would like to know what the point of windows if you can just use dialogs. With VC++ you can quickly graphically design dialogs. With windows you have to hand code them, define window classes, extra windows messages to consider etc. So what is the point of windows?

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    Dialogs are windows. When you create a dialog box using fns like DialogBox etc they ultimately call CreateWindow/CreateWindowEx to make the dialog window. The system simply provides default, predefined behaviour etc but the dialogs are cut-down windows. They are perfect for little 'dialogues' to solicit extra user-info or where you just have controls but I would be reluctant to use one as a starting point for a full-blown application.
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    Try maximising a dialog, for say a print preview.

    Dialogs, AFAIK, do not get an icon / shortcut thingy on the Task bar (I can't think of the right name at the moment).

    No multiple document interface (MDI) in dialogs.

    Each has its uses and abuses.
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    >>No multiple document interface (MDI) in dialogs.<<

    Cheers, Novacain - I don't play 'mdi' so I wasn't sure about that. Thanks for clarifying.

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