Thread: How can I save an image to file.

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    How can I save an image to file.

    How can I save an image to file.
    Loadimage Ole works fine, but how do I save loaded image to file.
    For example, using your example, I wrote a little pgm to load(loadimage OLE) an image, and scans image pixels, to determine all colors, then create a palette(Draw Rectangle) of all colors.
    Now I want to SAVE that palette of Rectangle as a *.png file.

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    Unfortunately, while loading images is largely intrinsic within Windows, saving images is considered a specialist function of an editor of some sort. No single function will do this for you.

    I implemented a PNG save function after reading the PNG spec. It gets quite complicated though, especially the Adam7 interlacing. I like the rough stuff myself.

    If you don't want to go to those lengths, you have a few options:-

    1. You could link to the libpng library, which is the official cross-platform PNG support library. Obviously you'll have to get the hang of its function parameters, but this is the way it's usually done.

    2. GDI+ includes what is termed an encoder for PNG images. GDI+ is included with every version of Windows since XP. Takes a bit of getting used to, but you may prefer this way.

    You should be able to find steps to use both of these methods via Google.

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