Hello, I'm having a problem when i build a project.
It is the MyMarque example of the chapter 11 of gtk foundations of development.
here is the log.

-------------- Build: Debug in MyMarquee ---------------

Linking console executable: bin\Debug\MyMarquee.exe
C:\MinGW\bin\..\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.5\..\..\..\..\ mingw32\bin\ld.exe: could not find -lgtk-2.0
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 0 seconds)
0 errors, 0 warnings

just for you to know, i use the gtk+ bundle 2.22.0 win32
on windows 7 64 bit, and this is the first time i have problems with a project.
i thought it was because something was missing, but it is not.
may i need to configure something else in my project

here is the configurations of the project:

<Add option="-Wall" />
<Add option="-mms-bitfields" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\include" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\include\gtk-2.0" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\include\cairo" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\include\gdk" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\include\glib-2.0" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\lib\glib-2.0\include" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\include\pango-1.0" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\lib\gtk-2.0\include" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\include\atk-1.0" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\include\gdk-pixbuf-2.0" />

<Add library="gtk-2.0" />
<Add library="gobject-2.0" />
<Add library="glib-2.0" />
<Add directory="C:\Gtk\gtk-bundle\lib" />

Hope someone reads and have some time to show me solution