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    Cool Add String To Combobox?


    I have created a combo box:

    hWndServer = CreateWindow("COMBOBOX", "", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | CBS_DROPDOWN
    ,80, 30,
    200, 20, hWnd, (HMENU)ID_SERVER, hInstance, NULL);

    That works fine. How do i add strings to the combo box? i assume i use send message.

    And also do i just use GetWindowText() to get the current selection?


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    You can send your combo box an CB_ADDSTRING message to add a string -

    SendMessage(hWndServer,CB_ADDSTRING,0,(LPARAM) yourString);

    and get the selected item's index with CB_GETCURSEL -

    int theIndex = SendMessage(hWndServer,CB_GETCURSEL,0,0);

    You can then get the text that corresponds with this index by sending a CB_GETLBTEXT message with your WPARAM as the index number and the LPARAM as the buffer to recieve the text (if you need the length of text you can send a CB_GETLBTEXTLEN message).

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