Thread: Processing Bitmap Data (part deux)

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    Processing Bitmap Data (part deux)

    <<< split Processing Bitmap Data >>>

    I'm trying to use this example to do some very similar task, but not on bitmap loaded from file but on screenshot. It seams that whole dBitmap is black.

    This is the code

       hdc = GetDC(hWnd);
       GetWindowRect(hWnd, &rcClient);
       dBitmap = CreateCompatibleBitmap(hdc,rcClient.right-rcClient.left,;
            MessageBox(hWnd, L"CreateCompatibleBitmap Failed",L"Failed", MB_OK);
       pixels = GetBitmapPixels(dBitmap, hdc);
       GetObject(dBitmap, sizeof(BITMAP), &bmp);
    any suggestions?
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    It's black because you don't actually write any data to the bitmap. You need to BitBlt (or equivalent) to fill it with an image. Here's a complete sample that captures the desktop, just modify the captured rect and stick it in your program.

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    Thank you for saving me a lot of time

    I knew there were some steps missing, just couldn't grasp the whole concept. New day fresh mind and it seams so easy now.

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