Thread: Proper way to handle WSAEWOULDBLOCK

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    Proper way to handle WSAEWOULDBLOCK

    Hi, Im writing my first multiplayer game and found a problem:
    The server sends data X times per second. If this X is bigger than 20, I start to get a lot of WSAEWOULDBLOCK messages...I could simply ignore them, but I don't know if this is correct. Some guy told me that I should check send/recv availibility more often, but I don't uynderstand what this means...

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    WSAEWOULDBLOCK means the data did not get sent. Your response depends on the priority level of the blocked data.

    If just an screen update probably OK, particularly if using UDP.
    If not, will need to realloc your socket buffer ( or create a storage buffer for the blocked data), add blocked info to the buffer and try to resend as the block clears.
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