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    windows date...

    ok heres what i want to do

    1). get the date from windows (lol the little thing when you click it it brings up a clock) (how?)
    2). store that date (should be easy)
    3). change the date to a date i specify (how?)

    the rest i think i can figure on my own but this little part is a tad confusing for me... i have only done dos programs before :|

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    Well, if you don't need the windows specific stuff, why not using the old DOS functions ? strdate will give you the date and strtime will give you the time. You can store them where you would like to store them. File, RAM, wherever.

    For changing you will have to look up windows specific routines.

    Which would be using a SYSTEMTIME structure and GetSystemTime and SetSystemTime.

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    well i have the rest of my program done and the only thing i need now are three functions

    1). one to get the current month and day and store it anywhere :|

    2). a second change the date to april 1

    3). a third one to change the date back to the original date...

    ive read up on the SYSTEMTIME structure and GetSystemTime and SetSystemTime and have gotten pretty damn confused im new to the whole api thing and when i try to implement any of thses i get some odd 75 errors soi donno maybe if someone has any example source for any function that uses SYSTEMTIME structure and GetSystemTime and SetSystemTime it would be much apreciated!

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    Here's somthing for you to play with...

    #include <windows.h>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    #include <cstdlib>
    void SetTime(LPSYSTEMTIME lpst){
    void GetTime(LPSYSTEMTIME lpst){
    	cout << "Date " << lpst->wDay << "/" << lpst->wMonth;
    	cout << "/" << lpst->wYear << endl;
    int main(int argc,char* argv){
    	char ch;
    	SYSTEMTIME stold,stset;
    	GetTime(&stold);//get time and display
    	memcpy(&stset,&stold,sizeof(SYSTEMTIME));//copy current time
    	stset.wDay = 1;//set to 1st day
    	stset.wMonth = 4;//set to April
    	SetTime(&stset);//set to new date
    	cout << "Date changed. Have a look!" << endl;
    	cout << "Press enter twice to revert to real date" << endl;
    	cin.get(ch);//wait for enter
    	SetTime(&stold);//set date back
    	cout << "Date reset.";
    	return 0;

    Oh...compile as a c++ console application

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