Thread: IHTMLDocument2/IHTMLElement2 functions crash in IE7(Access violation) when scrolling

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    Question IHTMLElement2 functions crash in IE7 when programmatically scrolling browser control


    1. How do i programmatically scroll an IWebBrowser2 control in all IE versions?

    2. Why is it that the code i have runs in IE6 but crashes in IE7?

    3. Follow-up to question(2), is there a way to work around the Access Violation in mshtml.dll when calling functions from the IHTMLWindow2, IHTMLElement2, IHTMLDocument2 and IHTMLDocument3? (ex. get_scrollTop, get_scrollHeight, get_ScrollWidth, get_parentWindow)



    //error trapping had been removed
    BOOL CBrowserControl::Scroll(LONG scrollType)
    CComPtr<IDispatch> spDoc;
    long scrollPos;
    IHTMLDocument2 *pDocument = NULL;
    HRESULT hresult = spDoc->QueryInterface( IID_IHTMLDocument2, (void**)&pDocument );
    //hresult is S_OK
    IHTMLElement *pBody = NULL;
    hresult = pDocument->get_body( &pBody );
    IHTMLTextContainer *pElement = NULL;
    hresult = pBody->QueryInterface(IID_IHTMLTextContainer,(void**)&pE lement);
    //hresults are S_OK
    IHTMLWindow2 *pWindow = NULL;
    hresult = pDocument->get_parentWindow( &pWindow ); 
    //the crash happens here. cannot read hresult anymore since an access violation happens upon calling the function
    long scrollwidth, scrollheight;
    //a crash here occurs too if i try to comment the code above
    //still crashes here
    long page; 
    case StepDown:
    ............//other cases here
    pWindow->scrollBy( 0, scrollPos );
    return true;
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    Good day..

    I know it's quite a long shot, but I have this problem.. And I've ran out of places to ask for help for..

    I am supposed to make my webbrowser control scroll depending on what scrollType I pass. Well, everything worked fine... that is, in IE6.
    My code crashes in IE7 at get_parentWindow, get_scrollHeight (and perhaps also in scrollBy). They all return access violations.

    Trying other solutions on the net didn't help, IE7 still crashes with calling functions (like get_scrollTop and etc)... I already tried scrolling using IHTMLElement2. But no luck... I also tried IHTMLDocument3->get_documentElement and used that for scrolling, still... no sunshine in sight.

    Is this an IE thing? or are there settings I failed to look at? Does anyone know by chance a way to work around this? it's really not good to just restrict users from using my scrolling functions if they don't use ie6.

    i am kinda desperate now.
    will be forever grateful for the help.

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    ultimately, i gave up on this idea.

    instead of using the interfaces and so on as what i've done, i just focused to the control and automatically sent the keyboard keys.

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