Hiya I know this is a dodgy topic and all but I'm not asking you to do any code for me, basically im looking to counter dll injection, i have code in place which uses win apis to get loaded dlls but i know that these could be hooked, however its a new area to me and I havent touched C/C++ for a while. What i was thinking was that a good defense is a good offense and thinking of hooking the loadmodule function to just pull out what module is being loaded or something along those lines.

What I would like to know is if this is a good direction to take and what you would recommend I focus on, does this stuff have to be written in C or C++ which means I'm going to have to heavily refresh myself with these languages. Is this idea going to stand a chance of working or am I taking the wrong approach, what ways would you recommend to look into in order to detect dll injection.

As I said I'm not looking for you to code anything for me I'd like your opinions on what routes to take