Thread: Is there's a number in windows like inode in linux?

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    Question Is there's a number in windows like inode in linux?

    hi guys,

    anyone know that the ntfs's file sytem struct? is there's a API or something other could let get this number? Or there is actually no such number in windows like inode in linux??

    any suggestion could be ok! thks!

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    What are you trying to find out about a file/folder? Here is the Win32 file structure API File Management Functions (Windows).

    Look at the "Get" functions if you need information about the file/folder.

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    NTFS stores a unique 8-byte reference number for each file. It's available on Vista+ by enumerating the directory files with GetFileInformationByHandleEx(<directoryHandle>, FileBothDirectoryInfo, ...) till it returns the file you're interested in, and otherwise since NT4 by NtQueryInformationFile(<fileHandle>, ..., FileInternalInformation);

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