Thread: Switch(LOWORD(wParam) does not work..

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    Switch(LOWORD(wParam) does not work..

    Hello everyone! I know C++ pretty well, and a command i use often is not working (I'm finally making the switch to GUI programming)

    Here is the code that is not working:
     case WM_COMMAND:
                   case ID_SAVE_ANIM:
                         MessageBox(hwnd, "This feature is not yet implemented", "Error", MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR);
                   case ID_FILE_EXIT:
                        PostMessage(hwnd, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0);
    The IDs:
    #define IDR_MYMENU 101
    #define IDI_MYICON 201
    #define ID_FILE_EXIT 9001
    #define ID_SAVE_ANIM 9002
    #define ID_OPEN_ANIM 9003
    #define ID_FILE_NEW 9004
    #define ID_LOAD_BG 9005
    #define ID_LOAD_FT 9006
    #define ID_CREATE_FT 9007
    #define ID_CANVAS_SIZE 9008
    #define ID_PREFERENCES 9009
    #define ID_README_FILE 9010
    #define ID_UPDATE_CHECK 9011
    #define ID_ABOUT 9012
    #define ID_CLEAR_BG 9013
    what is happening is this:
    if I click "Exit" (ID_FILE_EXIT) it just does the ID_SAVE_ANIM parT (Not implemented thing).

    The full code can be posted upon request. What is wrong? If you need screenshots, i can send some..
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    > switch(LOWORD(wParam));
    Spot the ; at the end of the line?
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