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    Threads problem

    Ok I am getting sleepy and I can't see the code for all letters. I am trying to run a thread but I get a compiler error
    UINT CBarjorCadCamView::CreatePointMenu(LPVOID pParam)
        CBarjorCadCamView* pObject = (CBarjorCadCamView*pParam;
        if (pObject == NULL ||
        return 1;   // if pObject is not valid
        // do something with 'pObject'
        return 0;   // thread completed successfully
    //And I call it like this
    void CBarjorCadCamView::OnTest() 
    	CBarjorCadCamView*pNewObject = new CBarjorCadCamView;
    	AfxBeginThread(CreatePointMenu, pNewObject);
    The error I get is
    F:\My Programs\InProgres\BarjorCadCam\BarjorCadCamView.c pp(2826) : error C2665: 'AfxBeginThread' : none of the 2 overloads can convert parameter 1 from type 'unsigned int (void *)'

    Do I have to start the thread in another class then View?
    Can the "thread function" be in the ViewClass?

    So I am stuck . Any help would be so great and I would gladly give my old keyboard as a reward, well maybe not.
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    In your class declaration, declare the thread func like so;

    static UINT CreatePointMenu(LPVOID pParam);
    or in your code detail the function as a non class member;

    UINT CreatePointMenu(LPVOID pParam);

    That sould work, you can keep the keyboard.......

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    Worked like a charm. Thanks alot..Mm no keyboard..How about a Govtcheez doll in fair shape?

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