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    writing to the console

    Hello everybody.
    I'm trying to write to the console with WriteConsoleOutput, but I get some
    errors during compilation.
    The code I've written so far:
    //Display a 80cols  x 25 rows fixed size console
    void  DisplayCon(char target[]){
        COORD bufferSize = {80, 25};
        COORD TopLeft = {0,0};
        SMALL_RECT Out_buf; 
        Out_buf.Left = 0;
        Out_buf.Top = 0;
        Out_buf.Right = 24;
        Out_buf.Bottom = 79;
        WriteConsoleOutput(wHnd, target, bufferSize, TopLeft, Out_buf);
    When I compile I get these errors:
    Type error in argument 2 to 'function'; expected 'const CHAR_INFO *' but found 'char *'.
    Type error in argument 5 to 'function'; expected 'PSMALL_RECT' but found 'SMALL_RECT'.
    regarding the WriteConsoleOutput call.

    What am I missing?

    The array I'm using to store the data to be displayed: target[] should
    be a CHAR_INFO structure. If I want to use the same area using union,
    the same that I'm using for array target[], how should I define the structure?

    CHAR_INFO has already a union inside:
    typedef struct _CHAR_INFO { // chi  
        union {                /* Unicode or ANSI character  */ 
            WCHAR UnicodeChar; 
            CHAR AsciiChar; 
        } Char; 
        WORD Attributes;       // text and background colors 
    I am not able to figure how should I declare the structure with a union to
    have the same area of 8000 bytes usable in both array mode and struct mode.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    Start with
    CHAR_INFO array[10];  // pick your size
    Then do
    array[0].Char.AsciiChar = mystring[0];  // and the rest of them
    array[0].Attributes = 0;  // RTM for RED, FLASH, whatever...
    WriteConsoleOutput(wHnd, array, bufferSize, TopLeft, &Out_buf);
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    Thanks salem. This is a different solution, but it can be feasible.

    I have the
    In an array of characters source[4000] in this shape:
    first character:
    source[0] contains the AsciiChar
    source[1] contains the Attributes
    second character:
    source[2] contains the AsciiChar
    source[3] contains the Attributes
    and so on.
    If I assign the values:
    array[0].Char.AsciiChar = source[0];  
    array[0].Attributes =source[1];
    and so on
    I leave the remaining 2 bytes of the structure uninitialized, but I want that they
    contain both a space [ASCII 32].
    So I need to put some value also in the remaining 2 bytes of the
    structure. How do I access them?
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