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    VMware player

    hello everyone,

    do you know where to download a windows xp sp3 vmdk file?
    im trying to run windows in my vmware player but i learned that you need to install
    the os again, unfortunately i dont have the cd with me anymore so just want to download a configured XP.vmdk file

    Hope u can help me
    thanks in advance!

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    Such a thing would almost certainly violate MS licence terms.

    > unfortunately i dont have the cd with me anymore
    Do you have the 25-character product key?
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    well, luckily ive found my windows installer out of my "old treasure box" .

    ive succesfully installed it in the vmware virtual disk, but now when i try to run an application(specifically freestyle launcher)ive got this error "the procedure entry point DecodePointer could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll"

    it is the same OS that i am using and got no problems on running the same app.

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