Thread: My first Win32 game! Please check it out!

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    Talking My first Win32 game! Please check it out!

    This is my first attempt at making a Win32 game(Wall, almost). Anyhow, it is Pong. Called Win32Pong(Simple!). I built an auto-win/-lose cheat into it. Press:

    SHIFT + C

    then CTRL + W to win and CTRL + L to lose. LoL! Lemm know what you think if you try it out! Thanks!


    C++ Environment: MSVC++ 6.0; Dev-C++ 4.0/4.1
    DirectX Version: 9.0b
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    First off, well done! Now the buts...

    1. The background colour is overdrawn by the COLOR_BTNFACE (see GetSystemColor) when the 'ball' redraws itself.

    2. When the wnd is minimised the game keeps playing and produces a massive cascade of messageboxes; if you use the MB_APPLMODAL or MB_TASKMODAL (can't remember which) in the last parameter of the MessageBox call this should prevent further execution until the user dismisses the messagebox.

    3. Sometimes the 'ball' passes through the 'paddle'.

    Also this might end up getting moved to the Game Programming forum.

    But good on you anyway.
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    Nice, but for one thing it's slow as all bejeesus, the paddles have almost no effect on the game, and if you click on the scores listbox, you lose focus from the game and get it back (ie, can no longer play)

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    LOL..that's cool....

    If you havent already done so, perhaps you could control the ball movements and repainting in a seperate thread?

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