Thread: Writing a string to file using WinAPI

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    Writing a string to file using WinAPI

    Hi all,

    I'm new to windows programming and I'm having problems figuring out the 'proper windows datatype' to use for a string. All the typedefs are confusing me...

    Right now I'm using :

    CHAR teststring[]= "Testing writing a string to file.\r\n";
    DWORD numBytes=0;
    BOOL wtf = WriteFile(testfile,&teststring,sizeof teststring, &numBytes, NULL);
    Is this the proper coding style and datatype to use in this instance? It is writing to the file but it's adding a control character "^@" at the end.

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    Use strlen() rather than sizeof

    Or rather, the UNICODE independent variant of strlen() which adjusts to how CHAR is declared.

    For info, sizeof() counts the bytes, whereas strlen counts the characters.
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