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    I am having trouble using the Common control dialogs.

    First, I am trying to use PrintDlg, but I do not understand how to use the DEVMODE and DEVNAMES strucutres. Each time I use them I get a message saying printer does not exists. How can I get the name of the printer?

    Second, I am trying to use the Find Replace Dialog. I have incountered several problems and was wondering if anyone had any sample code on how to use dialog. It seems whenever the mouse goes over the dialog I get an illegal error message.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    What compiler do you use?
    How to you create and open the dialog?

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    I am using LCC-Win32 on Windows 98. I figured out the printing problem, but still am having trouble with the Find Replace Dialog. I am using the code that I got on MSDN.


    FINDREPLACE fr; // common dialog box structure
    HWND hwnd; // owner window
    CHAR szFindWhat[80]; // buffer receiving string
    HWND hdlg = NULL; // handle to Find dialog box

    // Initialize FINDREPLACE
    ZeroMemory(&fr, sizeof(FINDREPLACE));
    fr.lStructSize = sizeof(FINDREPLACE);
    fr.hwndOwner = hwnd;
    fr.lpstrFindWhat = szFindWhat;
    fr.wFindWhatLen = 80;
    fr.Flags = 0;

    hdlg = FindText(&fr);

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