hi to everyone,

this is my first post to this forum, i just need some help on HOW to figure out or detect if there is scroll bar attached to the window i already figured out the handle as stated below: this is a win32 console application using VC++2010

//the cursor has been identified upon clicking an application
POINT pos;
int x=pos.x;
int y=pos.y;

//the handle hWnd now is identified as well
hWnd = WindowFromPoint(pos);

//next is checking this hWnd if there is scroll bar on its window
???//that is the problem that i have...

now the handle is already identified when i click any application running to my machine sample i click IE which as a Vertical and Horizontal Scroll bars i need a function that will tell that the window/handle hWnd has a scroll bar.

i already used these functions; GetScrollInfo(...) and GetScrollBarInfo(...);
but it is now giving me the correct information.

Thank u very much i need this asap thanks