Thread: how to write 'advanced' file attributes?

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    Question how to write 'advanced' file attributes?

    hi guys,

    i'm currently looking for a way to manipulate 'extended' file properties (like author, category, topic for pdf files).

    i know that there is the possibility to access file attributes with setFileAttributes(). the problem is that only attributes like "hidden" can be changed that way.

    i've read that property sets should be able to do what i need, so i read some articles on MSDN: storing property sets, property set implementation in com, some samples.

    i'm just afraid that they were a little bit too much for me. i didn't understood what i have to do in order to change attributes like author.

    so, in a nutshell: is there maybe somebody who can show me how to manipulate these file attributes (and maybe knows a good example)?

    thanks in advance

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    hm...nobody here who has an idea of how to handle file attributes in c++?

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    If you are looking specifically at PDF files, and their associated metadata, there is no relationship between those entities and anything within the filesystem. There are no associated file properties like that. The document metadata is stored within the PDF file in a PDF-specific format. Your code needs to understand PDF in order to access it.
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    actually i'm looking for this information in my files: Predefined Property Set Format Identifiers (Windows).

    almost all file types (or at least the most common like .txt, .doc, .pdf, ...) provide information about author, source, and so on - i'm looking for a way to change these data sets.

    i also tried this example from MSDN: WriteRead Sample (Windows) - it created a file, the file properties were empty though. do you know what i'm doing wrong?

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