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    WM_KEYDOWM message

    I use the WM_KEYDOWN message(by checking wParam for a specific key of course) in my application to start an animation and use the WM_KEYUP message to tell when the key is released and stop the animation.

    But Windows have that autorepeat feature and when the key is preesed continuously many WM_KEYDOWN messages are received before an KEYUP message resulting my animation start again and again.

    How can I get rid of this?

    Thanks for help in advance!

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    You can't. Check for the first message, set a flag, wait for keyup and reset the flag.
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    Thanks for reply. I came up to the following:
    BOOL keys[256]; // Flags for all keys
    The keys array will be initialized to false.
    The WM_KEYUP handler:
    case WM_KEYUP:
        keys[wParam] = FALSE;
    The WM_KEYDOWN handler:
    case WM_KEYDOWN:
        if(keys[wParam] == FALSE)
             keys[wParam] = TRUE;
             // The key is pressed for the first time
            /* ..... .... */
            // Key is already pressed pressed. Skip....

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