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    messages from other windows

    how could I have one program monitor the user input of another
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    I use Win32 API

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    Do a search for the treads on keyloggers.
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    I just wrote a keylogger program this relays all keystrokes on one computer across a network to another computer......You can have a look at that for a few ideas.

    The technique to log keys is done with windows hooks.......but it gets complicated if you want to hook the whole need your hook process to be contained inside a dll.......also, you need a system to relay the information back to your main program....remember that simple file pointers, handles and the like shared globally in a dll will not work because you will be using them in another process's address space therefore they will be invalidated (this caused me no end of problems untill I figured it out)......To share information on this I used a windows Mailslot....

    Anyway, have a look if you want.. Go to my site (link below), click tutorials and look at "Remote Keyboard Hook"....there are still a few bugs on it, but it works ok.....

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